We May Not Always Agree……

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Why is it that so many people feel when someone disagrees with them that it is an attack? It is not an attack, or at least shouldn’t be.  I can agree with you or disagree with you, either way I am not attacking you! It is not a reason to bring out the heavy artillery, it is not a reason to “unfriend” me. It is natural that people will disagree, we are after all individuals, with a variance of opinions.

So regardless of what the picture describes above, I’ll not be quietly resenting you, and I am hopeful you will not resent me! I will move forward with gratitude that we have different opinions and yours allows me to see things from a different viewpoint!

This does not make me better or worse than you…..it just makes me grateful! And happy!  🙂

7 thoughts on “We May Not Always Agree……

  1. The problem is they don’t understand, then attack becomes the first option & not ” ah yes i see your point but…….” This is why there is so much hatred in our world people cannot grasp someone elses point of view or respect their beliefs.
    Sitting down to have a debate on anything requires respect from all parties no matter how radical so long as those beliefs are not imposed on the population & the rule of law is not violated.
    Passionate debate & difference of opinion is good for the soul there is no greater argument than the question of God his teachings in other religions & his very existence the conflicts brought about throughout history prove that the human race has not learned to be tolerent & seeks influence through violence.
    I encourage debate, questions & answers but i would never impose or seek to influence people’s beliefs based on my own beliefs & brief knowlage that is just MY opinion take me as I am


    • Agree. Slow to learn.
      And I dont think,and I hope I’m never viewed as, someone who “imposes” my beliefs on others. My page is open to all those who wish to visit and read. If anyone disagrees with my beliefs they are free to say so- as you have in the past- and all I can hope for is we remain civil and hopedully more. :).
      All viewpoints are welcome.
      As usual- love wins.


  2. One of the greatest favors the education system could do for society is require all kids to take a debate class in high school. Many kids do not learn respectful conflict resolution techniques in the home. A debate class can bridge that gap.

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