Dark Night of the Soul

Every once in a while I look around and wonder where my babies are…..then I remember….they are all off living their own lives. I feel so sad at these times! Then I remember to be grateful for my grown children and the life they are each able to live; the grandchildren they have given to us. It is so strange at those times when I look around and everything is…what appears to be….gone!

These yearnings or feelings of loss can be attributed to what some call the “dark night of the soul” a sort of crisis or cross roads that we come to in our spiritual life. A time when we feel the loneliest we have ever felt. A time when we can lose ourselves. The second half of our life does not have to be a syndrome or something to recover from…as in “empty nest syndrome”. It could be…should be…..one of the best times of our lives. We have SO much to celebrate! Whether we celebrate the children that we have raised or the spouses we have loved or the friends that we have had…it is a time for celebration!

There comes a time in our lives when we are faced with….OURSELVES! The man or woman in the mirror. And it often times comes during the “empty nest “ period of our lives. We finally can slow down and take a look at our own lives. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, they do not like what they see. This is a very difficult time in many peoples lives and they do not even know what is happening!

Yes, there is a Dark Night of the Soul! But there is a dawn at the end of that dark night!

My Dark Night of the Soul began in 2007. ~ to be continued……

4 thoughts on “Dark Night of the Soul

  1. This is so very true. Not only am I suffering the leaving of my adult child but instead if being able to ” celebrate” a new era in my life, I am stuck suffering health issues. I can not wait till I can start to see the dawn on my dark soul.


    • As I go through old posts, to share again, I find sometimes i have missed comments! All I can do is apologize and say that it was not intentional!
      I appreciate the comment and I hope today finds you well out of your dark night! It only took me 4 years to reply! ❤


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