A Word of Unconditional Love



I have moved into unconditional love, this is a place where I feel love for everything and everybody. This is not a perfect place, no not at all. I still have moments where I wonder, and I pray, I have moments where I can still feel that old world anger or irritation; but I move past it quickly in this place.

Why am I saying this? Because we may not ever see eye to eye on things; but I still love you. We may never seek out each others company or council; but I still love you.  In those moments when you’re tempted to believe, because we don’t agree, that I do not love you….do not believe the lie, I do.

What does this mean? Whatever you want it to. To me it just means I hold no ill will and far beyond that, I love you, it is that simple.

So I may not seek you out and I may not feel it is in our mutual interest to be around each other (although that is always open to change in moment to moment situations) but regardless; I love you.

I know this may not ever be enough. But it is the best I have; seriously the best!

Unconditional love. It does not mean we are a doormat, or weak, or allowing abuse into our life in any form, it just means we hold love for others no matter what….in the end it is all we have.


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