Help Others With No Expectations!

bannerfans_16115500Lately I have felt unsupported, whether it is true or not, it is how I have felt. I have a nagging feeling that it really is more about the fact that I am getting ready to launch a big fund-raising campaign for my project, and as is pretty normal, I am feeling that terrible uncertainty that goes along with things of this nature. I have faith in what I am doing, but developing and writing this project is one thing, asking for help to get it off the ground is another all together!

Look it happens to all of us at times and unfortunately to some of us way more often than it should! It is normal to feel neglected from time to time in our life, that is just human nature, it could be a true state of affairs; but then it could also be our ego stepping in and demanding more than we are getting, which may actually be enough (maybe lacking a little) but not worth getting upset over for sure!  So what is it in my case? I do not know, I guess it is true that I am not supported as I wished I would be, but on the other hand I have a small group of cheerleaders who I don’t know if I could move forward if not for their support!  So I guess, regardless of whether I am lacking support or not, it is important to keep things in perspective! I have some wonderful people who want to see me and my project succeed! And for that I am grateful and I am going to concentrate on that! Because that feeling of support is way better than any feeling of lack!

It is important to find the small glimmers of hope to grab onto each day! Some days are harder than others, but it is in those days that it is even more important to reach for hope!!

And it is important for us to always remember…….we help others not for the glory or the reward, we help others for the gift that is given to us each time we act in favor of another person! It is in our spiritual being to help others! And that is after all what I am doing. My project is designed for the very purpose of reaching out to others. And I can’t let anything stop me from completing it!!  I also know the more obstacles that get in my way the mightier this project must be! It will reach many and help many….so on to the next phase I go!!  And I pray that you will not let any obstacles stand in your way!  We all have a purpose for being here and it is important to figure out what it is and get on with it!!  I am praying for you!! You can do it!!  ❤

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