No Amount of Pain…..

pain1There is no amount of pain that will change the past. We can get stuck in our pain for so long that it doesn’t even make sense any longer.  Nothing does. All we know is we are in pain and nothing seems to work.

I never say that you should not feel your pain! I say feel your pain for as long as you need to;but learn when it is time to let it go. Once that pain doesn’t serve you, yes I said “serve you” because sometimes pain can help us get past things, own it,  but once it is making life simply too hard to navigate, then it is time to let it go. Only we have the power to know when it is time and to do something about it.  There may be times when the pain is too great and we can’t seem to pull ourselves out no mater what we do- that is when  we must ask for help. No shame in that!! It is just as powerful to know when to ask  and do it!!

So feel your pain, but only for a season. Let it go when it is time. Ask for help if you need to.  It is all part of life and growth!

You’ve GOT this! ❤

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