Add Gratitude To Your Coffee!

Learning to add gratitude to your day can be as easy as adding sugar to your coffee! What is happening at the Gratitude Diva?

The Gratitude Diva

cupofgratitudeThis morning I was posting on the Gratitude Challenge Facebook page  and I said something about adding gratitude to our morning cup of coffee. And I thought it true….we should add gratitude to our day as we add sugar to our coffee. OK fine maybe you do not add sugar to your coffee— but you get my point!!   🙂

Adding gratitude to our day should be as easy as adding sugar to our coffee, and it would be, will be, if we practice it more. That is what the challenge is all about! Practice adding gratitude to your day and after a while it becomes easier and easier, before you know it you have a habit that is as easy as breathing!  I know some of you doubt that could be true but it is, I am proof of that. There was a time when I would wake up…

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