Gratitude-it is on my mind this morning! (DUH)


Good Monday morning to YOU! I am up and at em early today, well actually I can’t seem to sleep past 6:30 any more! So it is not earlier than usual but the blog post is! Ha!  I have so much going on today and into the foreseeable future!! I am very excited by that. I am hoping today finds you in a grateful way, ready to fill your day with JOY!

So someone told me yesterday that they liked my joke! haha  jokes are fun, I used to tell a few here and there on my blog then I got away from it, I think I need to start telling a few jokes now and then…again!  I will plan on that. Laughter really is good,eh?  🙂

So the Gratitude challenge is going very well! I wish I could figure out a way to get people involved in some conversation, but I am hopeful things will get a little more chatty as time goes on. I am also very hopeful that more and more people will take the challenge for years to come! I have a plan to get that happening!  The book I am working on now will be like a companion to the challenge, I guess that is the right way to describe it. The way I see it is that after reading the book, or probably more likely, while reading the book (because I know so many people peek at the end) readers will take the challenge!  The challenge will be the “call to action” at the end of my book.  Am I giving away too much here?  Gee maybe I AM!!  Oh well……how many people really read this blog ???

I am kicking around an idea to help get my book published and get the Gratitude Project, as I am calling it, launched.  I guess not just launched but to also sustain it.  I will definitely tell you more about this idea as the days progress.  But it does include a GoFundMe account…… I think. ???  We will see. I am doing some research on it now; as this is not something I will jump into without much thought, and I do not take it lightly! I consider it an honor, and a challenge, to take on this responsibility! And I will always treat it as such! So whether to seek outside help will definitely take some thinking on and prayer; I will revisit this topic soon.

I am going to hop around WP and read some of your lovely blog posts, I think that is a great way to start this beautiful Monday morning!!  Have a great day! xxoo