What is Encouragement Coaching?


When I began my training to become an Empowerment coach I did so because I did not want to be a “life” coach. I didn’t want to be a Life Coach because I felt there were already too many “Life” Coaches and it just did not appeal to me as a career! So I found a school that would teach me Empowerment Coaching. I thought that was a better fit for me. AS I studied and time passed I began writing a lot more. Through my studies and my writing I grew and learned who I really am.

I am an Encourager. My purpose in a sentence is ” To encourage myself and others to be the best that we can be and to help others realize and achieve their purpose/goals/dreams” That is me! And I love it. It is what makes me happy. When I am encouraging others I feel enthused and full of energy! It resonates in my soul, so I know it is right.

As I came to know who I am I slowly changed the title of what I do. It began as Empowerment Coach ( and for school purposes still is) but now my title is Encouragement Coach. I encourage others. I think the main difference between what I do and what a Life Coach does is that I spend more time listening and encouraging, while encouragement is only a tool in the Life Coach bag, it is the foundation of what I do.

So what does it mean to be an Encouragement Coach? It is someone who encourages others to be the best they can be, to help them discover what their dreams are,overcome any obstacles that may be stopping them, and help them set the goals to reach their dreams!  An Encouragement Coach is that someone in a person’s life who believes in them, their dreams, their purpose, by listening to them, by having faith in their abilities and their worthiness.  By being their biggest fan! We all need someone who will always be there, will always encourage us, love us and tell us,  “if you can think it you can achieve it.”

That is what an Encouragement Coach does.

And now I want to encourage you to have a blessed day!