Baby Steps Into The Future……..

createspaceToday has been all about de-cluttering my work space!  I am making huge changes in my life, so today I decided to usher in those changes by making  a grand gesture! I de-cluttered  (of course now it is all on my bed waiting for me to throw it away or organize it) and cleansed my space. First I prayed for God to bless my efforts and my space, then I burned some sage to rid my area of any old negative vibes, I welcomed in new positive energy and now I am looking at a space with a whole new energy!

I still have a few things to do, I want to find a cozy throw rug for under my chair, I want to frame my vision boards and quote board, and last year I found an antique Mission style chair that needs a seat. When I finish these three things I know this space will be ideal! It will be my haven where I go to create!

Do you have a special place where you go to write or paint or pray or whatever? I can’t express just how important it is to de-clutter our homes! By de-cluttering we make room for more blessings! Finding a space that is quiet and has all of our own special touches…heaven!

Come on new phase of life! The Lord nudged me good to get on with this so here I am…one step at a time!