I SEE Greatness In YOU!

surround yourself with dreamers


I spend my time, by choice, with those who see goodness and potential in me! Well…that is how it’s supposed to be. We all should encourage each other every day. I am sure the opportunity to encourage another arises more often than we realize. And we should make an effort to surround ourselves with people who encourage us and we encourage.  I think we should be around people who know how to dream and think it is awesome when you dream and think YOU are awesome. These people help us to grow.

it is always our choice who we give our time to. Yes, sometimes we get into situations where we have no choice but to be around people who drain our energy, people who seem to always look at the cup as being half empty.  While we may have no choice at times than to be around people like this, there are things we can do to help ourselves in these situations!  We can pray, we can meditate, we can call on our army of heavenly soldiers to bolster us up with a shield of protection. And yes, we can spend a few minutes in silent meditation, breath in breath out, even while in a room filled with other people. OR we can succumb to their draining ways and join in on the negative talk and actions…..which I am sure will make us feel so much better!  <——- sarcasm!

OK sarcasm aside, it is our choice how we maneuver through the challenges of life, nobody said it would always be a piece of cake, but there are tools we can use if we choose to.

I choose to!