Her Name Was Joy

joy1As I said earlier I was admitted to the hospital Tuesday after experiencing a TIA (warning/mini Stroke) as well as a couple of other issues.  The nurse who took care of me just before I was admitted (in the ER) was named Joy. She was amazing, as was all the staff at the hospital. But Joy and I had a connection that I wasn’t conscious of in the beginning, but she was quick to point out. I was slightly out of sorts when we were together, of course, but I was so grateful for everyone and the care I was getting I made sure to let them feel my love and gratitude. Joy told me that she was so sad to see me leave the ER and go upstairs, she said if she could she would come upstairs and take care of me for no pay. That is sweet! She was a doll for sure.

Anyway Joy started talking to me just before I was wheeled upstairs, she told me she used to be in construction and then she told me a story about a large biker who intimidated her greatly on one of her job sites. She said one day she noticed a tattoo on his arm with the letters of her name. She told him “Hey! You have my name tattooed on your arm!” He said “NO! I Do not!” to which she replied ” yes you do, right there.” as she pointed at his tattoo. He again said “NO! I Do NOT!” to which she again pointed to it and said ” Well I know your JOY has dots in between the letters, but that IS my name” He then looked her squarely in the face and said ” Don’t you even know the meaning of your name?” Joy replied ” ummm well I guess not”  he said “J.O.Y. means Jesus, Others, and Yourself”   She thought if that is what her name means she should try and live up to it and start thinking of others more!  I love that she told me this story and I felt this was the reason she was my nurse.

As cool as I thought that was, and I did, I felt like it had a deeper meaning, one just for me!  At least in that moment! I believe God speaks to us in many ways and this was definitely one of those ways.

J.O.Y. means Jesus, Others, and You.  I interpret that to mean…..I  put Jesus first, Others second and You/Me last.  I feel almost like God is telling me that He and I will take care of others….it is a Jesus and Christine sandwich of love and generosity.  LOL  OK so I know this is a saying for everyone but it spoke to me at that moment because lately I have concentrated a lot of my time on how to put others before me more than I already do. It has been on my mind a lot lately and then this happens.  Synchronicity.