I Forgive You!




I’ve thought a lot lately about what it is that may be holding me back from realizing my dreams. You all know I have begun to realize lately that I am not going “deep” enough in my writing. So I wonder- what is it? What is stopping me?

You know me I am always looking for ways to better serve myself and others.  I know forgiveness is key to blocks, and I have acknowledged those who have hurt me in any way. I have forgiven each one that I can remember and just for good measure I offer up forgiveness to anyone I may have forgotten.  And I ask for forgiveness from those who I have wronged in any way.

So I am left wondering….what else is there to forgive? I can’t help but feel like I have forgotten something!  And you know what? I have forgotten something….ME! I need to forgive me!  I believe we are the last ones to receive our own forgiveness and sometimes we never do forgive ourselves! Forgiveness for our-self is the stumbling block left untouched,  forgotten, yet as strong as if we were conscious of its presence!   Self-love is of such significance I can’t believe I would forget that to love yourself you must forgive yourself.

So I am going to forgive myself for anything and everything I have ever done! I am a new person today; a person worthy of my unconditional love.  Even if I have to remind myself of this everyday, I will get it down deep inside where it counts and knock down those walls!

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