Amethyst- Spiritual Wisdom

amethyst I thought it would be nice to, maybe once a week, post an article about a crystal and what is said about its energy. I love crystals. Pictured is my piece of Amethyst! The way I think of crystals, and all other earthly matter, is that God made it, and it is my responsibility to honor all His creations! So I take the time to learn about the crystals, I take care of them, and I learn what types of energies they have.

Today I am talking about Amethyst! It is a beautiful crystal; mine is a very light purple with a deep green bottom; it is an Amethyst cluster. It reminds me very much of quartz.

For those of you who study the Chakra’s – Amethyst has energy that relates to the Third Eye as well as the soma, crown, and higher crown.  Amethyst is beneficial for many things including but not limited to, physical, emotional, and psychological pain, anger,rage,fear, recurrent nightmares, it also helps with metabolism,cellular disorders, headache, lungs and many other ailments or disorders.

Amethyst derives from the Greek for ” to be intoxicated” and was originally worn to prevent drunkenness.  It promotes love of the Divine…and this is what I like Amethyst for; to promote love of God.  Amethyst is said to encourage selflessness and spiritual wisdom.   It is also said to be a natural tranquilizer.  And purifies the Aura!   It is also good for grief.

Amethyst is not hard to come by! There is so much more to know about Amethyst, this is just a small sampling of what it can do for you!  To learn all its benefits I recommend the book  “The Encyclopedia of Crystals” by Judy Hall.  (this is the book I used to reference for this post) .


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