There is Power in Prayer!

prayerI had a great day today!! It was amazing! I received a couple of referrals for new clients, I always love helping others, so this was great!  I was able to spend a few hours at my favorite work place, Barnes and Noble, to get some work done on my book! Yes it was a great day!

At around 5:15 pm I was home making dinner when I received a very unusual call from my husband, he will text to say he is leaving work, which he had done, but he rarely calls from the road! So I was a little taken aback by the call, as I answered I couldn’t imagine what he might tell me! I was completely caught off guard when he proceeded to tell me that he had been in an accident and the truck was totaled. “What?? How? Where?”  Was all I could think to ask him. He sounded funny, a little unsure maybe, as I asked him where he was. He told me where he was and I asked him if he was OK? He said he didn’t know. I asked him if anyone was with him? An EMT maybe… a police officer? Had 911 been called? He didn’t know.  I certainly wasn’t getting any reassurance that he was indeed OK! Then I heard an EMT walk up to the truck… husband said goodbye and hung up.

I sat with my son and daughter in law and waited. Oh my goodness was that hard! I called a friend, she offered to come get me to go be with him, but I needed to wait; I knew that. So I thanked her but waited to hear from my husband. I sent my husband several texts asking if he was OK, if there was an ambulance yet, was he going to the hospital. What is happening??   Nothing! No reply!  It seemed like forever but it was only a few minutes, eventually I heard from him and eventually he came home with the police. Then I made him go to the hospital to get checked out. He wasn’t feeling himself. I couldn’t believe the EMT let him walk away from that.

This is the truck, yes that is a light pole in the truck bed and passenger side. He hit the pole when someone plowed into him from behind and sent him off the interstate!


truck2 truck

My husband had no injuries! ZERO! Nobody was hurt. The worst thing that happened was my husband had glass shards all over his body from the shattering glass. All over his body and in his shoes! But no injuries. The Dr. noted the glass and he noted the lack of injuries!


Every morning when I start my day I pray over my husband, my family, and myself. I surround all of us with God’s light, love, and protection.

I will not be stopping this prayer anytime soon!  Prayer is Powerful!  This is proof!   Don’t you think?