Heal Your Heart!

rose quartzWhen our heart has been hurt we have a tendency to close off/ shut down/build walls. Self-preservation! That is understandable;but love heals. Love for self heals. So we need to learn to take down the walls, open up the heart, turn it back on!  Self-worth and self-love will heal.  If we can learn to love ourselves and open up again, with a healthy attitude, we will attract love back to us;in all forms!  When I say this I am not speaking of only romantic love; but all love. Once our heart has been hurt we tend to close off from everyone;not just romantic love.  We may not be aware but it happens.  I’m sure we all have known of people who turn bitter towards everyone when they have been hurt!  It happens!  Growing old with lots of cats comes to mind! Ha!

There are so many things we can do to start healing and opening our heart back up! One thing that is really simple is to use Rose Quartz!  Yes, I am a firm believer in using what God has made (of the earth) to help in all aspects of my life! And Rose Quartz is an excellent crystal to help heal your heart!  Rose Quartz is known for its ability to heal personal relationships! What better relationship to work on than the one we have with our self?!

Rose Quartz is all about unconditional love and healing.  Now maybe you think this is all a bunch of woo-woo, and that is OK!  All I can say is “what will it hurt?”  it is a beautiful crystal! And easy to find.  The one in the picture is my Rose Quartz that I keep on my writing desk! I have a large piece next to my bed too!  Buy a piece and wear it around your neck or put it in your pocket! It is a pretty stone and….what will it hurt? 🙂

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