There Once Was a Grandpa

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There once was a grandpa who took his grandson to town. He started off by letting his grandson ride atop his donkey. As they walked to town some people passed by and said “how terrible of that boy to ride and let the old man walk!” The grandpa heard this and took the boy off the donkey and he rode the donkey while the boy walked. A few minutes later some people passed by and said ” how terrible of that old man to make that boy walk while he rides the donkey!”  The grandpa heard this and pulled the boy up on the donkey with him and they both rode to town together on the donkey.  A few minutes later a couple passed by and said ” how cruel to make that donkey carry the weight of you both!”  By the time the grandpa and grandson reached town they were carrying the donkey!

Moral of the story ~ You can’t please everyone all the time! Don’t try! Live your own life, run your own race. If you spend all of your time trying to please others you will miss the glory that is life!  And in the end…they will not be happy and you will not be happy! So be happy!  And let others be responsible for their own happiness!


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