It IS Coming Along! I Wanted To Share With YOU! xx


Gratitude-It’s A Lifestyle

Here is the first Unedited paragraph….. I have 3 of my proposed 14 chapters finished!

Can I tell you that I have started this book at least 4 times? It never seemed right, it was always missing something. So I began again, and I begin yet again. But this time I feel it is different, I feel a certain humbleness that may have been missing in my past attempts; I think I can feel the hand of God on me now as I write these words…..something is different. And I say that with a humbleness and in awe of Him and quite frankly…you. I’m humbled by the sheer mass that I know you are, you are not one, you are many, and that is awe inspiring. The amount of people I see, every day, which are making a shift today towards living a more spiritual, or at least a kinder, life is staggering! It is awe inspiring; and it fills me with hope!

I have made a renewed commitment, to myself and my God, to not be a house divided any longer. I am devoted to getting on paper that which I have spent years studying! I have waited a long time to get to this point; so here I AM!  And I am excited!!

It may take me a while to finish, because I do have to sell a house here or there……but finish it I will! ❤

Thank you for reading…..

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