Friends Are People TOO!

friendsfightYes! Friends fight! Friends are people too! I see so many people who have a fight with a “friend” and then completely turn away from the relationship; cut them off without a backwards glance, and sometimes without an explanation. That, to me, is sad! It makes me wonder how much of a friend they could have really been to begin with. We shouldn’t treat anyone that way, let alone a “friend. And yes, I keep using quotes because I am doubtful they were a friend, or you were a friend, in the first place.   But this isn’t really what I want to write about; it is just the back story for what I really want to say!

What do I want to say? Well…as sad as it makes me to see “friends” turn their back on “friends” you know what I love? I love when friends have a disagreement (or whatever…a fight!) but remain friends!  I think it says so much about people who can weather a storm and stay friends. I mean with family it is hard because they are family; it doesn’t feel like a great accomplishment if you stay close (well it does…..I’m just saying they are family! It is a little different!) but with friends who can go through it and come out on the other side as friends! I love it!

This is a sign of maturity, integrity, and love, Unconditional love!!

I have exactly ONE friend (and ME) who is able to treat others this way. And I have great respect for her! Bravo to her!!  She knows who she is ❤

And if this is something you practice….then this Bravo is for YOU!