Have Courage! Stay On Course!




The road is not straight, the one I walk, it is curved and filled with ups and downs along the path and sometimes there are pot holes. That’s the way it is and the way I knew it would be.  I accept that and I am working on not letting it bother me and to definitely not let it change the direction I am walking. I am learning to just move along at a pace that is comfortable and to avoid the pot holes.  That is not to say I am not up for a challenge and that I can’t step outside my comfort zone; I can and I do. It is just to say that I realize I can’t please everyone and there will always be people who misunderstand, or choose to make what I am doing out to be a self-righteous act or an act without humility.  I know that is part of this journey; and I am OK with it. DO I wish I could just get there without the pitfalls? umm yeah! Sure! Who wouldn’t? But it is not realistic of me and I know to affect change on masses you will most definitely face people who sometimes want to see you fail and will scream really loud to try to make that happen.

It is important to have courage and faith if you plan to stay on course.  If you let other people shake your faith because of their beliefs, whether about you or about the subjects you speak on, then you will fail!  Will we be shaken sometimes? Yes, that is normal.  We all have to grow in our own time and it takes experiences to do so.   Our experiences are what molds us, our reactions to those experiences and our ability to either grow from them or blame them are who we are.

At the end of the day we can choose to be a better person or we can choose to excuse our behavior because of ___________fill in the blank.  I am objective enough to understand that my idea of unacceptable behavior may not be yours! I get it! But at the end of my day I choose to be my idea of a better person and I make no apologies for that. I do acknowledge that it didn’t happen overnight; it took me years to get to where I am and it took work.  I could have let my past define my future in a much different way and I guess I did for a long time; but not anymore. I have chosen to grow and I have chosen to share that with others as well as be an encourager, I write every day about life, I try to encourage others and I get so much encouragement back!  I know it can’t always be perfect, I know I will run into people, on occasion, who do not agree with me and who think I am a putz for my beliefs….in the beginning that bothered me, today I am at a point where not only does it not bother me, but all I can find in my heart to respond is “I love you and I respect your thoughts!”   And I am OK with being this person….because it feels good and it feels 110% better than the way it used to be! And that can’t be a bad thing!

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