April 1st! Day of Love!

images loveToday is a day of love! I know some of you think it is really a day of playing jokes on others….( not me! I have learned my lesson!) but I will always look at this day as a day of love.

My parents married on this day 55 years ago!  44 years later their granddaughter (my daughter) got married! They are all still married and I am so proud of them! My parents now have 3 adult children and 3 children in love (spouses), they have 7 grandchildren and 4 grandchildren in love (spouses) and 11 great-grandchildren! If you are keeping count that is 30 of us, including the originals!  What a legacy!

Our daughter has 5 of those great-grandchildren!  She is definitely on course to outdo her grandparents!

So you can see how today is a day of love, right?  Always will be!  And in the future I think I will keep it solely as a day of love and forget the April fools stuff!  LOL

Have a great day!

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