To Vacuum Or Not To Vacuum!?


I am Grateful
I am grateful to do things like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, picking up after others, and all the other chores that I used to think were boring and could create quite the fuss in our home!
Today I am grateful for these things. I am grateful for every “chore” that comes my way.
To do laundry means I have a washer and dryer (or the money to use a pay machine)
To wash dishes means I have water and obviously food to dirty the dishes.
To vacuum means I have a home with carpets to vacuum, which means I am warm at night in my home.
Picking up after others means I have family, in good and bad times, I have the opportunity to love and be loved.
All of these chores are sweeter because of what they mean, every time I get the opportunity to clean my home, or pick up after a loved one, I know how blessed I am.

So here is a little disclaimer  ” pick up after a loved one” <————-OK…within reason!! LOL