Our Story! We All Have One!

My Story, Your Story!

Everybody has their issues…
I have my story, you have yours. Mine is mine…I know it inside out! I lived it!  You didn’t, you don’t know my story and I don’t know yours.
What I do know is bigotry is a terrible thing. It goes both ways, it appears in many forms. Against many lifestyles,religions, a person or groups ethnicity……
But I have my story and you have yours. I respect yours. It may be different than mine (it is) but I can still have compassion for your story; having a story of my own makes it easier….and we all have a story. So we can all have compassion for others…..it is a choice.

2 thoughts on “Our Story! We All Have One!

  1. You are correct we each have our own story….learning from our story makes us stronger and in my case more tolerant but in a way that is not accepting of things that are inappropriate but having the patience to determine if it is truly out of ignorance that an individual does something outrageous and an opportunity to educate….or sheer hatred and well that is another story! Strength to you!!!

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