OMGosh! I just had a horrible thought!

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I have over 600 articles/essays on this website…..what IF something happened and they all were……lost?

Is there a way to back up my site? Do I have to start going through all 32 pages of posts and copying them all and saving to a file?

Wow…….I scared!  :-/



6 thoughts on “OMGosh! I just had a horrible thought!

  1. I’m not at my desktop right now, but there IS a way to export the posts into a single file, problem is importing it will be tricky because they only let you import so much at a time, but at least you will have saved your copies 🙂

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  2. Write it on a word document, then cut/paste it onto wordpress. I do that for a lot of my posts, but not as many as I should, so I’ve been trying to print them out.

    As far as how to back them up on wordpress? I have no clue. My blogger friend Vickie knows about that stuff. I’m still trying to get out of XP mode. 🙂

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