Ready, Set, GO!

spiritual counselor photo: Mystical Spiritual Travel t-mystical-spiritual-travel.jpg“Sing like never before, oh my soul, I worship your holy name”

I have been on a spiritual journey for more years than I can remember…I suppose we all have been right from birth. Some days I feel way more connected than others, like today.

Yesterday? yes!

The day before? Very much so as I visited my Father’s house.

Whenever I am in His presence I feel especially connected. And I know deep down that I do not need to be in any special place to feel His presence, I just need to be. And I am. He is present always, everywhere, and it is up to me to feel the connection, to allow it. And most times I do, but yes there are times when I become distant and He is always there, waiting for my return.

And for that I sing a song of praise and worship! Today has been a day of worship and it is good!

Today I returned to my studies, I have not really been gone from them, but I have been a little slow of late. But guess what? I am taking my second to last final exam! I have an essay to write then I have one more course (5 classes) to finish. After which I will have my Bachelor, and thus will begin my Master studies with specialization in Spiritual Counseling.

Yes, I’m excited to be here.  It has been a long road and I know it is only half over! Well….if I do decide to continue and get my Doctorate…..then the road is only a quarter of the way finished at this point! But I am good with that. It refreshes my mind, it thrills me, it reminds me that I am alive. (as a ***humble*** side note I am on the Honor roll for every quarter so far)

So…….. Ready, Set, GO! Let me have the blessings that You have promised me! Pour them out with no holding back! I am READY!