It Is Not About Me!


Yesterday I wrote a blog post about taking responsibility for our own happiness. At the end of that post I added some personal information about myself to let the reader see I am just like her/ him. Basically it said I know it is my responsibility to take control of my own life and not blame others for my problems; because that will get me nowhere in resolving any issues I may have! Looking to blame others forever regarding our problems will not solve a thing, so it is important to accept responsibility for our own peace and happiness and move on when the time is right. In other words “don’t wallow in self-pity.” And don’t get stuck in the same old story.

Then today I was looking back on some old posts and came upon a post from two years ago, during the time that my mother-in-law passed. This was a tremendously emotional time for me, my husband, and his family. We went to Florida expecting to be gone, at most, for a week and did not return for 17 days. In those 17 days we spent time with his mom, we helped get her into hospice and then we stayed in her room for 4 days and nights while she went through the process of passing on. It was emotional and so draining…….. to read the rest of the story stay tuned! Article will be published on EzineArticles soon!