Gratitude is NOT Important?




Good morning! I am grateful to be here yet another day…wait, gratitude is not that important? Well, I’m afraid I have to disagree!

Let me explain-I was listening to a podcast (you have to forgive me but I can not recall who I was listening to) and the guy that was speaking said he does not feel gratitude is as important as some (ME) make it out to be,  Well OK he did not say me by name, but he did say it is not as important as some people make it out to be.  i don’t agree.

While I know gratitude without action will not do all we want it to do in our life, it is a great place to start! The reason I think gratitude is so important, as important as anything else, is because without gratitude we are just sailing along taking things for granted. So if we do not put importance on gratitude then what? We just accept all that happens and move on? I mean; I AM grateful…always. I can’t go through my day without feeling gratitude for all I have. Does that somehow take away from my action? No! As a matter of fact, for me, my gratitude inspires me into more action.

Gratitude is a place to start and a place to continue and a place to always return to when we forget how blessed we are. Gratitude is a state of constant, for me, and it takes nothing away from my action.

For me…I can’t imagine a day without gratitude, I begin my day with it, I end my day with it, It is important. It is as important as my breath. For which I am also grateful.

So…..for me, to hear someone say that gratitude is not that important, well I just disagree!  This person felt saying you’re grateful for waking up or for the food on our table is all well and good, and we should do that, but then we need to get on with our day and basically put that away and get on with getting on!  But my “getting on” is infused with gratitude…day in and day out.  I can’t just put it away like it is an item I bought and need to store until next time. That just does not work for me. If I am not feeling gratitude at all times then…well, I am missing something.

Of course this is just me….but I would love it if everyone decided to be grateful and to be inspired into action because of this gratitude! Because grateful inspiration is good, it is kind, it is blessed. And best of all it is filled with love and love, after all, is all that matters!

So what about you? Do you feel gratitude is important in your life? Or do you agree with the unnamed man; it is something that is fine but it is not the most important part of the puzzle? I would love to hear your thoughts!  xxxx

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