I Have Been Convicted!


No…not by the authorities. Well not those authorities! I feel as though God is convicting me, convicting me to go bigger! He is laying it on my heart that I need to have more courage, be more transparent, less fearful, and well, to just go deeper!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” ~Henry D. Thoreau

I have studied human nature (the behavior of others) as well as the subjects of gratitude, forgiveness, and unconditional love for almost 8 years now. Barely a day passes without me learning and growing a little more in these subjects, in my believe, in what I know.ย  Yet I have noticed that my confidence may be lacking.

I thought I was pretty confident until recently when I was convicted to take a closer look at myself, a hard, honest look, and I realized I may shy away from putting it all out there. I may be holding back not really showing everyone who I have grown into.


I think mostly this may be due to the way the internet works, or better yet, the way people take license now a days to be so judgmental of others when sitting behind a computer monitor.ย  The internet opens us up to much more judgement than ever before. And yes, I guess I shy away from that. But God is telling me I need to stop! I need to move forward with more confidence. I need to be more transparent and stop holding back! I must stop being afraid of offending someone.ย  I need to have faith and confidence that as long as I act out of love; all will be OK.

So I guess I have something to work on. I guess I have my theme for 2015!

10 thoughts on “I Have Been Convicted!

  1. Indeed the modern era has brought about instant criticism, no sooner had your position or beliefs been written then supporters & critics descend on you this must have an effect on your writing & opinions. It takes a strong will & perhaps thick skin not to buckle under some form of intimidation out here in internet land & make you question whether it worth the bother as it can be hurtful as well as uplifting.
    I admire anyone who has the will & ambition to put ones reputation up for scrutiny out here because without them the world would be a much more depressed place than it is & love, hope & truth cannot be stifled under the boots of oppression & criticisms.
    Questions always need to asked of oneself it’s how we get an answer we may not like the answer but we must ask the question to grow

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