Balance Our Criticism With Love.

So I was thinking (Uh oh!) I so appreciate the fact that we all have our own views and thoughts (yes opinions) on things! I respect your views and all I ask is that you respect mine or at least my right to have them. I guess it is too much to hope that we can just all get along <——- over used phrase? But seriously….can’t we?
While I welcome all comments and critiques you will have to settle for a polite response from me because odds are you won’t rile me up! NO…..that is not a challenge. Ha!

As much as I do enjoy your comments I want to throw this out…..always coming at someone for their belief in God is not very nice. I get that we all have different faiths or no faith, but I think it borders on rudeness if you are always going to point out to me that my faith is not something you share. I do not ask you to share it. And I respect you for that and only ask for the same respect in return.   Can you disagree with my belief?  I say a resounding “Yes! ”  I have no problem with that at all. And having comments that sometimes point out that God is not what you believe in is OK!  I just think we should balance our criticism with encouragement and love.  Because if we only criticize then it starts to feel like an attack.  Even if you do not mean it to seem as such.

And these words are for me as much as anyone else. I think what some people do not get (maybe many) is that when I write I am teaching myself. I am the student. I am learning and growing. So please do not take offense. ***I know someone will and that is OK too! I can’t control what others think or feel all I can do is tell  you like it is! ***

And not that it needs to be said but I will point out here that most of my writing, while I always give glory to God, can be practiced whether you have a faith in a deity (a Christian God or any other) or whether you have no faith in any kind of deity. Because I teach forgiveness, gratitude, thankfulness, love, joy, choice……actions speak louder than words…I can go on and none of it is dependent upon a faith in a God. But I do have a faith and that is a fact that I am not willing to stop talking about. 🙂

Again these are my personal thoughts and feelings.  They are mine and this is my blog 🙂  xxoo