Why Do You Love Me?!


Why do you love him/her? Why did you love him/her?  These are questions I would ask you if you are so mad (at a loved one)  you can’t get past it.

When you find yourself disappointed,angry, or frustrated with a loved one, why not take a moment and get “in touch” with the reason you loved them in the first place. Get still……make a conscious effort to feel the reason you love them and then make a choice to let it go and accept them for who they are; the person you loved before this thing happened. That does not mean you have to accept all the things they do which may hurt themselves or others; it just means you are going to love them no matter what and let them take care of their own life.

I had a person once ask me “so what if I only love them because they are family and if they were not I wouldn’t have anything to do with them?”
So what of family? What if that is the basic reason you love them? Then continue to love them because they are family….I am assuming your love comes out of a familial love, one that’s made strong by the love of many in the family and your continuing to love and support family (versus NOT) probably makes many people feel loved and happy.

Of course this may only work (or at least be easier to do) if you care about others, if you are a person who chooses peace over drama, love over revenge or anger.  So why do you love him/her?


Just my rambling thought for the morning…take it or leave it, read it or not!
Love you all! ❤