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As we age we notice we’re not able to do all we could when we were younger! I hear people complain about this subject; a lot! I hear people become fearful and anxious over it too. It seems to me that I do not worry much about age, I wasn’t sure when I was younger if aging would bother me or not. I had heard about “over the hill” parties and wondered what the big deal was! But as I got older there was something about the aging process that did get to me; ability. My ability, or lack there of, to do certain things. Things such as jumping from high places without worrying about balance or hurting limbs! Or my ability to eat anything I wanted to and not have it affect my waist or my digestion. Yes, there are definitely certain things that bother me about getting older. Certain abilities do fade as we get older; so in the end even those of us who claim “age doesn’t bother me” can still be bothered about something to do with aging. I am living proof of that fact.

This morning I was reading my devotional (Jesus is Calling ~Sarah Young) it talked of the aging process and how even though we may be getting weaker with age- the more we draw to God the stronger we become on the inside. I believe it is true that even as our body grows weak and tired, our spirit will grow stronger, as long as we continue to seek Him. And further I believe as long as we continue to fill our soul with thoughts of helping others and living an inspired life; we will continue to grow strong in spirit.

We should age with grace, the grace of God. With God’s grace we will move towards a closer knowing of Him and a relationship that can only come from living many years and gathering much knowledge. IF God graces me with old age I hope my soul will be full and ready for what is to come. I imagine a life in my later years being full (soul/spirit speaking) and knowing that I could not have gotten to where I am without doing my time; living my years. So when I think of aging I welcome it. I welcome it with the knowledge that as long as I continue to move forward in my walk, and strive to live an inspired life, that I will become stronger in spirit even as my body begins to wear down. We must keep our mind/soul sharp! We need to continue to seek knowledge and inspiration so that we may become wise and share that wisdom with others.

And I had another thought; what if by aging, and becoming stronger of soul/spirit, we are heralding in the next chapter of our life? The enlightened chapter. The part of our life where we will pass over, we will go to a place where all the knowledge we have gathered will be set before us so that we can see our accomplishments; even if those accomplishments were only to become wise within ourselves? To draw closer to Him and live a good life filled with love and light?

It is just a thought. They say the second half of your life can be even more exciting than the first! So why not shoot for the stars and see just how full your spirit can be! Maybe miracles will abound? Ya never know!

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  1. Yes I can relate to much of that but what if we have no faith how do we become more stronger in spirit as the body begins to deteriorate & mind faulters. Perhaps with the onset of age we become more reliant on our life’s experiences & although our bodies cannot jump or run as far as we would want we allow our memories to convince ourselves that we still can. I have discovered that a chance meeting can change your own perception of what we can or cannot do reguardless of the reason & even if our body tells us otherwise, this was love. Maybe when looking for something missing in one’s life that you didn’t know was missing, love can fill the onset of old age with renewed vigour without believing in any faith.
    I suppose what I’m trying to say is you don’t need faith when growing old but maybe you just need love to keep you young at heart & mad as a Mad Hatter


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