To Heal The Wounded Soul….

Healing the Wounded Soul

kindtoyourselfStart with kindness….to yourself. We are too harsh on US. Begin to heal by forgiving you and learning to love again.  Kindness towards others is amazing!! But kindness to YOURSELF, is absent and hard to do at times. You are not alone in this; there are many, many, who can’t look in the mirror and say “I Love YOU” and really mean it.  One of the things that is your obstacle is the baggage of self-doubt and fear that was given to you by those who hurt you.  The gift you need now is the gift you can give to yourself; forgive, love, kindness.

One step at a time. Learn to look at you and love what you see. Just say it every day and eventually you will start to believe it.

Give kindness to yourself today. You are so worth it!

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