Prayer is Good…..But…….

Create miracles!

Healing the Wounded Soul

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Praying for a miracle today! That is an often heard/read statement, isn’t it? I have uttered these words (often) myself. Today I am offering this thought “Rather than praying today for a miracle, let’s be the miracle in someone’s life!”

So often we pray for a miracle for our self and for others. We pray consistently and with sincere emotion for a miracle. Our prayers are not selfish as they are so often for others and that is good!  But today I am thinking that if we want to see a miracle- we should be the miracle!

OK…so what do I mean? I mean instead of praying that something happens we could take a few moments to look around us and see what we could do to create a miracle. What do we have that we can give to someone else which (as random acts of kindness go) could cause…

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