weirdoMy family sometimes thinks I’m weird…..

My friends totally get me; but this is why I surround myself with like-minded people…..

Strangers may find me a kind person…I hope……..

When my family (or anyone else) looks at me as though I am weird or odd…..all I can say is;

I love life! I see life as an endless opportunity filled with possibilities!  A miracle is always just a moment away for me! In my thoughts if I can think it, then I can try it, and then it may just be my reality….

I enjoy all things about this life! I enjoy the way God made it and I enjoy the people he created. I like to think about the differences and the similarities! I love all of it….the universe, the trees, the people and the situations created by those people! If it is not an outright joy feast then it is an opportunity for growth and that is how I see it!  It is all in the reaction!

One thing I don’t like is to limit myself.

So maybe I’m weird?! I don’t know…but I do know I LOVE life!  🙂   Are you weird?

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