It may be unberable and impossible to understand……….

Prayers for the SURVIVORS


But…..we all have to make our life choices. And we have to bear the responsibility for those choices. And us; the survivors; have to accept their choices and try to learn to live with them.

When a mind is dealing with depression; then the entire issue becomes cloudy and maybe even harder to ever receive closure.

It is a sad, sad place to be, this place where you feel your only choice is to end it.  We must figure out a way to accept that it isn’t/wasn’t about us……  this is what we strive for.  It is what I strive for…..

To all those who’ve been affected by suicide…to all the survivors; my prayers are with you.

4 thoughts on “It may be unberable and impossible to understand……….

  1. Amen, we must pray for all those who are fighting an inner battle that we don’t know about.
    I remember I battled suicidal thoughts and survived a few attempts. It wasn’t until I became free in Christ and realized just how much He loved me that the depression and negative thoughts stopped.
    I pray all those who are hurting, feel sad, along, or depressed, find hope and love through Jesus. And I also pray we may all be those lights in darkness.


    • First let me say I am happy you found the light! In Him all things are possible…never ending hope.
      I too pray for those who suffer. We must do our part to lead by example and pray for them. Pray they see the light and find hope and will to continue.
      Thank you Deborah! Thank you for your courage and for your support and comments. Peace!


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