Feeling Overwhelmed!?

Overcoming Judgement

Healing the Wounded Soul

judge2Overcoming our judgmental nature can seem overwhelming when we consider how much we really do judge others every day.  When we realize and accept (that is key) that even our “innocent” observations of others is judgement; that is when it feels like a goal, no matter how worthy,  that is nearly impossible to reach!

Think about it……when you say something as simple as  ” Wow! Look at what she is wearing!”  Or ” I would never spend my money on a car like that; but if he wants to that is his business!”  which I think most people say something similar; maybe more than they want to admit!  Well no matter how innocent it seems to be; those are judgmental statements.  No matter what the comment; if it is a comment about someone else and what, how, where, and when, they do something….it IS judgement. If it isn’t…

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