I want to say something deep now. I have a feeling that I need to. But what is there to say that hasn’t been said a million times before?

I love you.

Yes, its been said a million times before, but I say it again. The three purest words I know….. I love you.

I pray for you.

Yes, also said a million times before. But yet, I say it again,  Mercy and peace be yours.

You are loved….

My trust is in you Lord! Today I pray a prayer, the same prayer I pray every morning, but maybe  today there is more meaning? More energy? More emotion? I do not know; but I pray.

I pray  healing for the sick; of mind, body, spirit.

I pray abundance for those in need.

I pray for strength….. for the weary.

God, divine, angels, source… my prayer.


3 thoughts on “Deeper………..

  1. Love is truly the one thing that can change the world. Surprisingly, it is loving ourselves that is actually the hardest application of all. Whenever I struggle with this, I just think of all the love I like to pour onto Others….then I remind myself that I AM…..Others.


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