YES! It May Be A Hard Thing To Do…..BUT…..

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Healing the Wounded Soul

prayer photo: Doa doa.jpg

Not for you, wounded soul, but for those who have done the wounding. For those who broke your trust, over and over, for them let us offer a prayer of healing.  Why, you may ask?!  Because dear ones, as we pray for others; we will be the ones blessed.  A simple act will be the beginning of our own healing.

So today pray with the same innocence as a child ! Pray for all those who need it, pray for their ego, for the darkness, for the pain, the anger, the hypocrisy,  pray for their healing.

And let me rejoice in YOU. You are a bright and shinning star in a world where shinning stars are sometimes extinguished by the ignorance of others. Bless you.

And bless you for wanting to restore the light to your soul…………

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