Serving up Judgement on a Friday Morning!

judgementMy thought for this morning was brought to me by the always giving Facebook! My mistake was that I looked upon its pages this morning…… but then I realized it was not a mistake. Each time I look upon its many pages of judgement and hatred ( And yes, there is love there too….but not the topic at the moment) each time I look upon these words and all this negative energy flowing so freely, so willingly, from Peoples fingers/ minds/ hearts/ I realize an opportunity to pray has arrived!

So I pray for those who are so ate up with self-loathing and lack self-worth that they feel it necessary to judge and hate on others…. and the thing I find most interesting is that their hatred or irritation; definite judgement, is usually about something really silly! They feel it necessary to judge others over silly things like….selfies. Or game requests….. or some other equally irrelevant thing. Something that doesn’t have to matter one way or the other to their life, but yet…apparently it does.

So I pray. Because I find it sad. And…I try not to judge. I can offer this prayer out of love and I offer this article in hopes of enlightenment; not judgement. There is a difference.

If you offer prayer when these things irritate you then it is hard to be judgmental.  God uses you through prayer…it is you giving Him permission to work on you and through you. So prayer is good… pray today!

2 thoughts on “Serving up Judgement on a Friday Morning!

  1. Yes, it is truly sad that people have to be so hateful. This is such a negative world. There are so many broken people that have been hurt by their families and friends and they are stuck in negative mindsets, causing them to inflict their pain onto other people. We need to pray for these people and ask God to heal them of their pain and help them see the world in a more positive light.


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