Without God…..

God2I know this to be true! With God, ALL things are possible!  I have decided ( a few weeks ago) to go all out in my quest to become all that I can be!

With this going all out thought in mind, it occurs to me that I will be running into obstacles, not the least of which will come from people who disagree with me.  But I need to step out in boldness, with courage to stand for what I believe in, and to not back down if others do not agree with me! And it is possible people will be angry at times with our differences of opinion and just plain angry because of their own situations!

So with that said this is what I am going to do…..when someone tells me I am wrong, in my head I will say ” without God”  if they say I can’t do or say something I will add…” without God”  you get it? I was listening to a book on audio today and she (Tosha Silver – Author of Outrageous Openness)  said this is what she does….when someone tells her something is impossible or whatever…she just adds ” without God” to the end and calls in Divine Order! It works for her and is going to work just fine for me too!

So…..you say It is not possible to forgive someone after tragedy or to love again after betrayal or to recover from depression…..or whatever…..I will add to that…” without God”

Unconditional love is a fairytale? Without God,…..maybe it is.

So you say I can’t say this or that or whatever…I say ” without God” because with God ….ALL things are possible!   And that includes your right to disagree with me! 🙂