Are you a Giver or a Receiver?

Ya know how good you feel when you help someone ? The pleasure/blessing you receive in helping others? Because you are a giver?

Would you deny that same pleasure to others? If you do not accept help when offered; then you are denying others the same pleasure you enjoy.

Allow others to help when they offer.

I know people who just can’t accept help: yet they are the first to be there when someone is in need. They say “I’m a giver not a receiver” I understand the thought….. that thinks this is a good thing. But……may I suggest….It’s like you are stealing other peoples blessings. Just think about it.

It is possible some of these people do not feel worthy of receiving gifts of help from others.
But You are worthy. You deserve to receive kindness as much as to give it. So make that your affirmation – “I am worthy to receive kindness and help from others” And “I receive as easily as I give !”

7 thoughts on “Are you a Giver or a Receiver?

  1. So true! I would say no to blessings until one person told me, “Please, don’t stop my blessing.” She wanted to give me something that she felt God led her to and my no would have hindered that.
    I love to give, but I must also be willing to receive because yes, I as a child of God I am worthy.
    Thanks for sharing some wisdom 🙂


    • Great comment! Thank you Deborah! Thank you so much for your words !
      I’m glad to hear your friend said that to you… THAT was a great blessing in itself!


  2. Thank you for your words of inspiration. I have struggled with receiving for some time and not understood why. I think you have given me a place to start understanding. Thank you!


    • Wow you could not have said anything better to me. But it’s not about me!
      I’m pleased to read your words. All I ever want is to impact / help others. I truly hope it has in some small way done that. (Whoops there I go again! Making it about me!)
      Thank you! And many blessings to you!


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