Healing the Wounded Soul


And so it begins! This is a place where I’ve been headed to for years! I will never stop posting here. Our Souls Purpose is my passion! I have written here for 4 years.  These two blogs are really the same; they are my passion. The souls purpose…my souls purpose has always been to Help heal wounded souls. So here I am! Join me! Please.  This is just the beginning!

Please take a look at this blog! It’s  devoted to healing after the pain of persecution for being you. This persecution comes from anywhere…it can come from organized religion, family, friends, society in general! For those of us who’ve been persecuted, alienated, wrongly judged, hurt in so many ways….this site is for you..for us.

Healing the Wounded Soul

bannerfans_12310368This blogs purpose is one of helping to bring the hurt and disillusioned out of the darkness and back into the light.

We live by example. This is one of the (large) reasons people have turned from Divine in the first place….because they have seen by example…those who do not live in the light.  These examples have helped to push some out of the light and into darkness where they feel hurt, lost, bitter..….. my goal is to lead by example.

To lead down a path ……a road that leads back to the light, the love, the unconditional love of Divine…Source….God! 

If you are here….maybe you landed here to help or to heal…. either way; welcome!

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