Abundance….the Splash page.


As the title says…..here is the splash page (to the link) where you can buy my booklet. 

Your Journey to Abundance….Important steps to unlocking your best life yet!

Welcome! I’m excited that you are here! For those of you who know me; you know how long I have wanted to share my experiences with you! You know how long this has been in the making! The fact that I am here; doing this…..is the proven manifestation of the very thing I write about in this booklet! 

I want to share with you the steps I took to change my life!

 There was a time when I felt as though life was passing me by. I would wake up in the morning feeling like there has to be more to life than this.  I would feel as though I was constantly going around in circles never able to make it to the finish line. I would set goals but life constantly got in the way. Like something was always blocking me, stopping me…..maybe even sabotaging me…. from having it all! 

Do you ever feel this way?

 First of all let me say I believe you were meant to be here. I knew when I wrote this booklet that it was intended for certain people; people who need to understand that God wants us to prosper. He wants us to live our best life. But we get so down on ourselves and on life that we keep ourselves from experiencing the prosperity He wants for us.  I believe you were led to this page by divine guidance. I do not believe in coincidence, I believe God guides us and it is up to us to know that. And to take action, once we accept that there is a greater force than us here, guiding our every step.


Dear Friend, 

I don’t want to sound too proud; but I do believe what I have to say will help you. I KNOW how to help because I was where you are today.

I was very frustrated back then and I felt lost. I felt as though I had no one; even though I was married and had 4 grown children and 9 grandchildren!  Sometimes we can be lonely in a room full of people.  And it went beyond loneliness! It seemed like whatever could go wrong would go wrong! It seemed to me that even though I hated drama it seemed to find me! Seemed like life was one conflict after another! Then I started my spiritual journey (preceded by what I like to call my Dark Night of the Soul!), it has been almost 7 years since that began! It is far from over, but I have learned a few things along the way and one of those things is that we do not realize how damaging unforgiveness is to our life and to our future. Or how it is our own choice to either forgive or not. We also do not realize how simple it is to begin the healing. It is so simple that people find it hard to believe it will really work. It is not magic…although it is supernatural.  There is a power out there in the Universe, that if we can manage to harness it, will turn our life around so fast it can spin your head! But it does take something…..a commitment!

I have learned a lot, and have a lot to say on this subject, that is why I wrote this booklet. It is not too long, but it is long enough to be full of information, information you need to get you headed in the right direction; the direction of your dreams. And a life that will be lived for the highest and best God has to offer.

Why my booklet?

There are a lot of forums, books, audios, seminars, etc. out there which can help you to figure this out. So why should you listen to me?  I like to think I speak in terms that everyone can understand. I do not have a PhD, I am not a Dr., I have no fancy credentials, I’m simply a woman, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a business professional, who has been through a lot of life experience. I started researching what it was that I was learning. After 6 years I decided to share what I have learned. It took me a good three years before I started to figure things out! That is a lot of work!!  I think that is what life is all about…..God gives us all a job and we have to “go through it” to figure it out.  It is our responsibility to share it so others don’t have to go through the same thing!. I think we all have something we are meant to do and this is my “something”  

This is what I have learned. And I hope it helps you.


Your Journey To Abundance~Important Steps to Unlocking Your Best Life YET!

Inside you will find the steps I took to get to my best life!  Steps you can use to help unlock the BEST life you can possibly live. 

You will learn about



*And Unconditional Love

You will learn how these attributes can change your life! How not having them can destroy your life! Or at the least how it can block you from happiness.You will also learn why it is that when people talk to you about it being “your choice” to not forgive, or stay angry or whatever…..why it is that that makes you defensive and angry! 

I give you steps to take to overcome these blocks that plague so many of us. I also give you the resources (list of books, audios, teachers) I used to learn what I learned.


Your Purchase Is 100% Protected 

I am so excited to share my thoughts and experience with you that I’m offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. I hope you enjoy the booklet and find value in it. And want to keep it and share it or buy more for your friends and family! But if you must return it then just contact me.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing your book. Your compassion will add to the positive energy of the world.


    • Thank you so much! I appreciate (and am humbled by) your words of encouragement and congratulation!!
      Thank you for stopping by!
      Peace and Love~ Christine


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