It is your choice! Or is it?


When you hear people say “you are responsible for your past, present, and future.” Does that sit well with you? The whole “it is your choice” concept?

I have found that sometimes it rubs people the wrong way, because it is hard for them to face the truths, the truth about accepting responsibility for their own life.

Having said that, there are those who carry scars from childhood traumas, those people were not making choices! It was not this young persons choice to be abused, neglected,etc… the treatment they received was not a choice they made; and not one they need to accept responsibility for! Children are not of an age to make these choices, therefore they are victims and as such can’t take responsibility for what others have inflicted upon them.

What they can do is get healthy! Your future IS up to you and that IS your choice! When we become adults we are given the gift of choice. And how we choose to live the rest of our life, how we choose to react, this IS up to us! Do not let the one who hurt you WIN! It is now your choice! Be empowered! Start living your life! You can do it!

5 thoughts on “It is your choice! Or is it?

  1. I agree. It is our responsibility as adults to make our own choices. The problem is, many children grow up in abusive situations where they can’t make choices and when they grow up, they don’t know how to make good choices or even believe they have the right to their own choice.


    • I agree ! Doesn’t change the fact that they have a choice. It is up to others to get the word out I guess!!
      Thanks so much for commenting as reading! As always…. Love hearing from you and reading your thoughts! (No I do not have ESP!).


  2. Adults are often just bigger-hurting-children. The truth of Love may take years to find….but it is always there.


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