I’m Not Weak…..

Enjoying the sunI can remember once telling a friend (someone I also thought of as a business partner) that I felt a deep knowing that I needed others to make my dreams happen. That, in essence, it takes a village to create change. I remember when I shared this with her it was met with dismay; and outright shock, as if it were a weakness. I can remember her feelings were that I didn’t need anyone else to create change, that I could do it alone, and how sad it was that I felt the way I did.

Looking back I know that I felt shame at that time. I felt a real weakness created in me because of her reaction. Of course this was my issue; how she felt about the subject doesn’t have anything to do with me. Well….other than the fact that it was about 2 weeks later that we dissolved our friendship and our partnership (if indeed there ever was a real partnership). We definitely were/ are not compatible or of like mind. But that is how life happens; you weed out the people who you do not serve and who do not serve you.

I now know that this desire in me to have other people around me, people who I can collaborate with, is not a weakness; it is a strength! I am not afraid to let others shine for the good of the whole! I want to create change! And if it takes a village then please……lead me to the village!



4 thoughts on “I’m Not Weak…..

  1. I feel very sad for your former friend. She believes what society tells us – that asking for help is a sign of weaknesses and that we should be able to do things on our own. Wrong! We were created to have relationships and we all have different strengths and weaknesses so we can work together and accomplish a lot. The reason many people fail is because they don’t expect others to help them. It is very humbling to ask for help and it shows strength of character to admit that we can’t do it alone. We need more villages behind us. It is the only way to make positive changes.


    • Amen! And thank you for the comment. That is exactly how I feel! And when you are faced with someone who does not feel the same, you feel like your reaching out is more of a confession of weakness…..which I know it is not!

      I agree…..change will happen when people join together to create it!
      Thank you!


  2. I am your sorry to learn your friend acted the way she did.Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness in my eyes at all! Too many people hide their true feelings because they are scared that they would be made fun of.


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