Life Changes….


As many of you may know I have been in a distance learning school for the last 3 years to become a certified Empowerment Coach! Well I got down to the “coaching” part of my studies and just didn’t seem to have the same passion for it that I did when I began; it stumped me for sure!  No matter what I did; I couldn’t get it back! A program that should have taken me 2 years tops (because I was not working outside the home) was taking me over 3 years! In the beginning I zoomed through it for the most part! I loved the reading and testing…..I loved the critical thinking assignments!  But now that I needed to get down to the one on one coaching….I just couldn’t get motivated!  My counselor suggested it was “fear” that had me stuck (considering what I was studying-fear based blocks-that was something that needed to be explored.) But guess what?! It was not fear; it was an apathetic attitude because I was studying something that I was not passionate for.  It happens! As it turns out I am more into the research and writing than the one on one coaching! I like the fact that I help others and can affect others with my writing; but not so much with the one on one stuff!

I guess we have to walk the path to find the answers.

So after spending the last few months being really honest with myself, I have decide what I want to do! I began by doing research and decided I want to take courses that will help to further my understanding of Metaphysics,Mystics,Spirituality, and Religion. With that figured out- at least I had the types of studies narrowed down! That made things easier.

So I started researching distance learning institutions where I could get a degree in Metaphysics!  The fact that Institutes of Higher Education specializing in Metaphysics are not accredited made my job a little harder! And if there are any that are accredited I did NOT find them!(*** there are some that say they are accredited BUT after some research I saw that the accreditation was questionable) I had to make sure and really do my research. I researched online, I spoke to graduates as well as I researched some websites, books, videos, etc…..of graduates from different Institutes.

After much research it came down to three schools.  American Institute of Holistic Theology, The Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Theology, and University of Metaphysics/ Sedona .  I chose the University of Sedona. Basically it came down to two things….. the age of the institute (founded in 1959) and the curriculum! While the curriculum can be intimidating, I felt the other schools curriculum’s, and/or testing, were not as tuff! And what I didn’t want to do was skate through. I want to make sure I get a good education, I felt UoS curriculum was rigid enough to make sure that would happen!

So having said that I received a letter today stating that I’ve been accepted into the Graduate program where I will study for my Degree in Metaphysics/Comparative Religion!  I’m excited to be on the correct path now! I know my husband would have wished I found this little detour a few years ago; but I’m here now and I’m excited to do it!  I will be using my education in Metaphysics to enhance my research and writing!

I am hoping this will enrich my writing and make for a much more interesting blog !  ( I know it will!)