Embrace That Which is YOU!

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Irritated? Grouchy? Short tempered? It happens to the best of us!

I think…rather than trying to “hide” that side of us; that part of us that makes us oh so human….instead of trying so hard to bury those moments when we feel less than “prefect” or spiritual, we need to accept and embrace all that is US.  Unconditional love is not something that we should extend only to others….we need to give that love, that acceptance for an imperfect life, to our own self.

Why do we work so hard to love our neighbors; but not love ourselves the same way? Your/my bitchy moment…irritated second…that is part of who we are! We are after all human beings attempted to live a spiritual life!  As such we will have moments when we do not live up to our own expectations! Should we throw in the towel, or accept who we are, and understand that it was just a moment when we struggled a little?

I talk all the time about accepting others and loving them unconditionally…well we need to extend that love to ourselves and move past it.  The way to work through these things, and get to a higher place, is to accept them and move on.  When we hide it (or stuff it down) all we do is cause pain for ourselves! Let it go!  It is just part of the journey!

I love you! And I love me!