Christianity and Metaphysics…….


I had this whole philosophical post typed out on this subject …..then I read it and decided it was too deep! I changed it to this simple question. I would love to hear your reply!

I am a Christian.

I am studying Metaphysics/Religious Studies.

These are my truths.  And they make me very happy.

Question- When you hear Metaphysics……what do you think?

And play fair! I want to know your truth! Do not go look up the definition so that you can directly quote the dictionary! Give me your gut! Please and thank you!

**I know there is a literal definition and I know what that is…..I want to know what others think on the subject. **

2 thoughts on “Christianity and Metaphysics…….

  1. Honestly, I didn’t know what it meant, but because you included religious studies in the sentence, I assumed it was some kind of study about religion. I did look up the meaning because I am curious and want to learn about things I don’t know. Studying metaphysics would certainly give you a broad understanding about other theories. I am always interested in learning what other people think and it usually makes my faith stronger.


    • Thank you for commenting! :). I always enjoy hearing from you!

      Well I added Religious studies because it is what I’m studying (and since you looked it up I won’t go into the definition ). And I so agree with you! I love learning about things and like to keep an open mind towards all things and especially those which may be different than what I believe or know. And YES! Definitely strengthens my faith also!


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