Do you love yourself enough? Video Blog.


2 thoughts on “Do you love yourself enough? Video Blog.

  1. You are right. We can’t forgive until we love ourselves and feel that we are worthy. Until I built my esteem and learned to accept myself, I wasn’t able to forgive anyone and by holding on to past hurts, I was just hurting myself again and again. People don’t realize how important forgiveness is or even understand what it does for us. It is hard to forgive but once we are able to do so, it takes such a huge load off our shoulders and allows us to live in peace.


    • Agree! I think what you said is exactly the point! People do not realize how much it does for them. This is where the belief comes in….if they can believe that this is true, that is the first step. is all about self love.
      I am so glad you learned this…it does feel so much better, doesn’t it!?
      Thank you for commenting!


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