Are you guilty of NOT paying attention?



I have noticed some people, ok a lot of people, read the subject line and make comments based on that……they do not bother to read the content of a message or they only read the first paragraph or so. And then make comments.

It is so glaringly obvious when people do this…because their comments do not make sense.  Anyway….this got me to thinking….are you guilty of this? Am I guilty of this?

It all goes back to that meaningful thing I talk about so often. I want a meaningful life! When things like this happen it serves to remind me that we all, at times, can move too fast!! So fast that we are out of touch with what is truly going on around us.  We can choose to get angry at those who point it out or we can do something about it.

I want to live a meaningful life. I want to be present in the moment. I do not want to skim through life as though it were a post that I am only so so interested in; but really I’m just more interested in telling others how wrong they are….or how right I am ….or how I just want to be heard…… or whatever……

I strive to be better….


4 thoughts on “Are you guilty of NOT paying attention?

  1. I think it’s safe to say, A number of people are guilty of the this. I’ve noticed it very often too, I’d post something and within the second a like comes in from someone who isn’t following me and no comment, without reading the message within. I’m guessing this is partly what lead you to write this post? 🙂


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