A Quick “Hello!”

2 thoughts on “A Quick “Hello!”

  1. Snow seems to be a problem this year for a lot of us in Canada and in the States. In Niagara Canada we are experiencing one of the coldest winters in 25 years. Just came back from a meeting and the weather is -18C but with the wind chill, it feels like -31C or -24F. Getting used to driving in snow squalls and whiteouts and we’re expecting another major snowstorm next week. Yikes!


    • Boy do I hear ya! We see bracing for more too! Looks like maybe another 15 or so inches ( I actually have heard over 24″ but I’m not bringing that into my reality!). We are finally out of sub Zero temps!! We were getting to used to -12 F not windchill! Ah!! This has definitely been a winter to remember! And It’s not done with us yet! Lol. Let’s all hang on! It will be Spring soon!


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